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August 2006 writeup

A big thank you to filmmakers and audience members alike for making this August's bang! a great success. After the Main Screening, discussion, chat and a good few beers went on until the wee small hours with a very welcome late opening provided by the Broadway Café Bar. Hot topics were Nick Whitfield's debut film 'Skeletons', Iain Finlay's musical masterpiece 'Lightheaded', the hauntingly beautiful 'Ce Que Je Suis' and the World Premiere of Brian Kaufman's Just Add Alcohol, but they were only moments picked out from a strong programme

Brian Kaufman - Just Add Alcohol

The weekend started on Saturday at the family matinee. A new feature of this programme was the provision of on-screen sign language interpretation for the profoundly deaf, the result of plenty of hard work from Liz Murray our signer from the hire Sign Language Interpreting Service. Animation, music and drama all punctuated the programme and even the stars descended to Earth in Max Crow's 'Space Hazards' narrated by non other than Obi Wan Kenobi himself - Ewan McGregor.

Space Hazards by Max Crow, narrated by Ewan McGregor

The Sunday programme started, as usual, with the experimental film section in the Café Bar. This time featuring some excellent music promos from Joris Clerte, Michelle Castagnetti's beautiful 'Midsummer Dream' and the multi talented Trinity crew as well as the relaxing pieces Orange, White, Blue from local artist Carol Crowe.

bang! in bar

The weekend finale of the main programme saw a great new bang! ident, nice one Max, before bringing the trailer for Mark Devenport's 'Low Budget Filmmaking' which certainly left people wanting more and that's exactly what they got from the 'Trinity Anthem', soliciting whoops of delight from the almost capacity bang! crowd. Another raved about film, 'The Magician' quietly enthralled the audience as it depicted a world where a young boy has no control over the adults in his life. Also out of control was William Legge on his downward spiral into homelessnessness in Al Clark's 'What is Given' - congratulations to all at Wellington Films for the recent Skillset Best Director's Award at the Edinburgh International Film Festival for their production 'London to Brighton', adapted from a previous bang! favourite Royalty.

What is Given

Back to our festival and David Pope's zombie gore fest and art designed gem 'Gasoline Blood' also provided the audience with frights a plenty. There was a fine selection of animation including stylish 'ReIntro: Music' from Vincent Chang and Michael Lomon's disturbing 'The Bleeding Jaws of Burning Hell' all topped off with a political swipe from Anh Hoang in the form of 'Ambush TV'. The circuit bending psychedelia of Luke Abbot and Dan Tombs b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b' certainly got the crowds talking in the bar afterwards.
Local talent lined up alongside international pieces from France, the US and Iceland. This region's filmmaking is one of the ones to watch, and where better to watch it than bang! short film festival.

bang! in broadway

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