Bang! Short Film Festival at the Broadway,  UK

We hope you enjoyed our October festival.

The terror of Mayhem will stay with us forever.

We hope you enjoyed our March festival as much as we did.

bang! recently provided a regionally themed programme for the re-opening of s Old Market Square in Feb., read and hear about it at the B.B.C. Website

We're providing production assistance to The Friends of Northern Uganda for The Running Water charity.

We enjoyed our Game City screening

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Films marked Britfilms link can be viewed at Britfilms by clicking on the image

Britfilms linkBBC House Special - Ray Wong
Britfilms linkBaby On Board - Shaun Mechen
Back in the day - Millennium Volunteers
Britfilms linkBack to the Eighties - Lee Parker
Basketball - Daniel Sharnaham
Britfilms linkBass Invaders - Simon Ellis
Be The Best "Gymnastics" - Ben Steele, Lance Steele, Lionel Kazadi
Bedroom - Sandra Romy
Being Different - Autumn Smiles
Being Ed - William Marshal,Barry Pulver, Christopher Robinson, Michael Russell, Luke Schumacher, Andrew Caygill
Being Fifteen - Annie Watson
Being of Human - David Hughes
Best Band Ever - Matthew Tregoning
Big Hands - Boss
Britfilms linkBigpaw - Mark Devenport
Black women in Media - Hyped
Blink and You'll Miss It - Darrell Horn
Blood and Chips - Ryan Phillips
Bollocks - Michael Holyk
Bollywood 2002 - Dharmista J. Panchal
Bones Made From [Industrial] Porcelain - Guy Russell
Bonje - Job and Joris
Boom Bip - Hot Knife
Border - Sattar Chamini Gol
Bored to Pieces - Jamie Ruddy
Broken Journey - 15 Young People
Brothers - Neil Biswas
Burial At Sea - Jonathan Reynolds
Burning Safari - Vincent AUPETIT, Florent de LA TAILLE, Jeanne IRZENSKI, Maxime MALEO, Aurelien PREDAL, Claude-William TREBUTIEN
b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b' - Dan Tombs - Luke Abbott
but i have to - Ming Li
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