Bang! Short Film Festival at the Broadway,  UK

We hope you enjoyed our October festival.

The terror of Mayhem will stay with us forever.

We hope you enjoyed our March festival as much as we did.

bang! recently provided a regionally themed programme for the re-opening of s Old Market Square in Feb., read and hear about it at the B.B.C. Website

We're providing production assistance to The Friends of Northern Uganda for The Running Water charity.

We enjoyed our Game City screening

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bang! festivalography

bang! screening postcard 2002-05-01 00:00:01 thumbnail

Café bar and Mezzanine
May 2002

Being of Human

David Hughes

Digitally created art set to Dante's poetry


Job and Joris

A chase, a suitcase and a whole lot of male enthusiasm

Interference Mirrors

Barry Hale

Lo-fi Stargate psychedelia.


Matthew Noel Todd

Short Introspective retrospective.


Double Drop

Computer generated man in learn to dance pop promo.

The Train

Chloe Wasserman and Kerryn Wise

Dance encounter on a lovely old steam train.

Youth Club

Christian Forder and John Robson

Skate fest with cats!

bang! screening postcard 2002-05-01 00:00:01 thumbnail

Main Screening
May 2002

The Turrell Brothers - A Ghost From The Past

A Ghost From The Past

The Turrell Brothers

A Bang! first for 15-year-old twin directors: an atmospheric and spooky tale.

Jack Welsby - County Library

County Library

Jack Welsby

Instant lo-fi cult classic. A race against time to save the eponymous County Library from closure.

Ray Wong - DimsumDeliverance


Ray Wong

Steamy kitchen documentary with mouth-watering results. Mmmmm.

Tom Kirk - Flight Kats

Flight Kats

Tom Kirk

A trip into the trippy and absorbing world of plane spotting.

Job, Joris and Marieke - Hard


Job, Joris and Marieke

A cautionary tale of lost concentration.

James Kibbey and Richard Heald - In Absentia

In Absentia

James Kibbey and Richard Heald

From finish to start, this experimental narrative turns and twists.

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Double Drop - Incoming


Double Drop

Computer animated pop promo for all those retro Spectrum freaks.

Ed Holdsworth - Pylon King

Pylon King

Ed Holdsworth

Computer generated search for answers.

Paul Williams - Royalty


Paul Williams

Gritty portrait of Kings Cross nightlife.

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Yousaf Ali Khan - Skin Deep

Skin Deep

Yousaf Ali Khan

Award winning, searing drama about a young mans struggle with his identity.

Chris Burns - The Heart of William Crane

The Heart of William Crane

Chris Burns

Documentary where pupils take us on a guided tour of their school.

Job, Joris and Marieke - Trrrrrrr


Job, Joris and Marieke

The Dutch trio come up with another short, this time : All he wants to do is see his girlfriend, poor chap!

Job, Joris and Marieke - Wad


Job, Joris and Marieke

Cute line drawn animation based on a real life story about a trip to the beach with a very thin girlfriend.

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