Bang! Short Film Festival at the Broadway,  UK

We hope you enjoyed our October festival.

The terror of Mayhem will stay with us forever.

We hope you enjoyed our March festival as much as we did.

bang! recently provided a regionally themed programme for the re-opening of s Old Market Square in Feb., read and hear about it at the B.B.C. Website

We're providing production assistance to The Friends of Northern Uganda for The Running Water charity.

We enjoyed our Game City screening

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bang! festivalography

Films marked Britfilms link can be viewed at Britfilms by clicking on the image

'X' Marks The Spot : The Hidden History of Spring Buroughs - The Burrowers
10 Again - Simon Ellis
1337 - 64k
Britfilms link1:10 Score - Tim Cunningham
2 Camels - Simon Ralph
3inch Porn Stars - Max Crow
A Derbyshire Ghost Story - Blake Goddard
A Ghost From The Past - The Turrell Brothers
A Glitch In The System - Dave Young / Jane Gaffikin
Britfilms linkA Grande Love Story - Iain Smith
A Hand Has Been Born - Bijan Zamanpira
A Heap of Trouble - Steve Sullivan
Britfilms linkA Hiss In The Wind - Owen Davies
Britfilms linkA Mid-Summer Nightmare - Rishi Thaker
A Mouse Funeral - Greg Butler
Britfilms linkA Relatively Close Call - Cheryl Marshall
A Scream in the Dark - Debbie Maturi
Britfilms linkA Stoner's Guide To Egg Fried Rice - Ray Wong
A Storm And Some Snow - Simon Ellis
A Tale of Three Cities - Various
A Taste of Things To Come - Mark Doyle
Britfilms linkA Toast to Love - Mike Kraus
A Tort ou a Raison - Joris Clerté - Philippe Massonet
Britfilms linkA long way for a little taste - Luke Smith
A short film about Jenga - Andy Davies
APNEA - Steve Moreau
About a Girl - Brian Percival
Alex vs. Sadako - AG and PJ
Alien of Interest - AG and PJ
All Alone - Ckoe
All I want for Christmas - Adam Walters, Andrew Hall, Jes Hill, Daniel Rudd
Ambush TV - Anh 'ing' Hoang
An African fable - The tortoise and the birds - Luke Fulithard
An Impression of Repose - Andrew Neel
Britfilms linkAn Indian Restaurant - Sarmad Masud
Animal Adventures - Q-Arts
Annie's Trip (Acide Anime) - Guillaume Breaud
Another Day - Josh Beaumont, Andrew Maddison, Weifeng Jiang, Tom Herbert and pupils of Chilwell school.
Britfilms linkArachne - Owen Tooth
Arseholes Bastards Cunts - Simon Sprackling
Astronauts - Matthew Walker
Attack of the 50 Foot Fuckers - Mark Estell
Attic - Sandra Romy
Autopsy - Steven Sheil
Britfilms linkBBC House Special - Ray Wong
Britfilms linkBaby On Board - Shaun Mechen
Back in the day - Millennium Volunteers
Britfilms linkBack to the Eighties - Lee Parker
Basketball - Daniel Sharnaham
Britfilms linkBass Invaders - Simon Ellis
Be The Best "Gymnastics" - Ben Steele, Lance Steele, Lionel Kazadi
Bedroom - Sandra Romy
Being Different - Autumn Smiles
Being Ed - William Marshal,Barry Pulver, Christopher Robinson, Michael Russell, Luke Schumacher, Andrew Caygill
Being Fifteen - Annie Watson
Being of Human - David Hughes
Best Band Ever - Matthew Tregoning
Big Hands - Boss
Britfilms linkBigpaw - Mark Devenport
Black women in Media - Hyped
Blink and You'll Miss It - Darrell Horn
Blood and Chips - Ryan Phillips
Bollocks - Michael Holyk
Bollywood 2002 - Dharmista J. Panchal
Bones Made From [Industrial] Porcelain - Guy Russell
Bonje - Job and Joris
Boom Bip - Hot Knife
Border - Sattar Chamini Gol
Bored to Pieces - Jamie Ruddy
Broken Journey - 15 Young People
Brothers - Neil Biswas
Burial At Sea - Jonathan Reynolds
Burning Safari - Vincent AUPETIT, Florent de LA TAILLE, Jeanne IRZENSKI, Maxime MALEO, Aurelien PREDAL, Claude-William TREBUTIEN
C - David Ashton
CC News - Donna Bowyer
Cafe Bouillu - Stephane Berla
California Drift - Paul Stevens
Can I Have Your ARTOGRAPH? - Ben Herriot
Cat And Mouse - Ali Assaf
Ce Que Je Suis - Joris Clerté
Challenge Homophobia - Hyped
Chance of the Millenium - Borivoj Horinek
Charlie's Angels - Steve Friendship
Chase at The Chase - Inclusion Project St Ann's - Hoop Productions
Chase at the Carnival - Chase
Cheesemen The Movie - Thomas Crook
Children of the Pod - Wellington Films
Britfilms linkChile Bovine - Tom Kirk
Britfilms linkChinese Fork Tie - Andrew Davies
Britfilms linkChoccy White Head - AG and PJ
Christmas Merry - Robin Baker
City Life - Mixup
Clean Me - Joseph Hibbert
Click Clack - Victor Moulin, Aurelie Frechinos, Thomas Wagner
Cloning Made Easy - Chris Stokes
Coda - Steven Friendship
Colin Versus The World - Max Crow - Stu Gamble
Comm Raid on the Potemkin - Enda Hughes
Conceptual - Owen Tooth
Conehead - Don Pan
Cook McGill - Susan Holloway
Cosmic Creatures - Q Arts
County Library - Jack Welsby
Cow 8 Is Late - Young people from Pocklington Junior School
Creeping Thirst - Dave Pope
Britfilms linkCurtain Call - The Turrell Brothers
Dark Reels Choice - Dark Reels
Dark. Bright. Red. - Danann Breathnach
Britfilms linkDay Off The Dead - Lee Lanier
Dead - for a bit - Derby young peoples project
Dead Kitty - Rachel Max
Dead Rich - Notts County Performers
Death By Chocolate - Mark Jeavons
Britfilms linkDeliberate Death Of A Postman - Michael Abbott
Deliverance - Simon Ralph and Lee Parker
Derby Adventure - Hot Rockers
Diablo - Martin Orton
DimsumDeliverance - Ray Wong
Ditch The Chips - Ditch The Chips
Domino Flip - The Castle Project
Don't Walk - Colm McManus and Tom Heaney
Britfilms linkDoodlebug - Lee Price
Dream - Christopher Mark Allen
Dreaming of Clint - Alternative Curriculum Programme
Dreams and Desires - Joanna Quinn
Dreams of Destruction - Matt Hilton
Dukie Dread - Freaky Stee - Stephen Smith
Eat Dog Cat Mouse - Kwok Fung Lam
Elipticus - Emma Adams
Empress - Susan Holloway
Encounter - The Turrell Brothers
Escape TV - Mike Futcher
Escape? - Mark Doyle
Britfilms linkEven Heroes Die - Sarmad Masud
Every Street Dreams - Livewire Studios
Everyday - Lucas Roche
Exam Rush - Ilkeston School
Exit the Dragon - D J Panchal
Extn. 21 - Lizzie Oxby
Britfilms linkF-Stop - Andrew Whitney and Simon Wallet
Face to face - Daniel Quinones and Jamie Batchelor
Fate and Mr. McKinley - David Lilley
Field - Duane Hopkins
Fields - Carlo Stavalone
First Cone Harry - Mickey Bignell
Britfilms linkFish - Chris Stokes
Flat Stanley - Luke Howard
Flex With Us - Genervissey Crew
Flight Kats - Tom Kirk
Flutterby - Roger Hewins
Focal Point - Miles Christensen
Footfall - Nikki McKay
Britfilms linkFor Mum - Esther May Campbell
Free - Mark Doyle
Free Inside - Pete Hawkins
Freya - Simon Ellis
Friends - Anja Laumann
Britfilms linkFrom Darkness - Nora Twomey
Fun With a Science Jetpack - David Broad
Galleries of Possesion - Galleries of Possesion
Game Over - Neil Baker
Gasoline Blood - Dave Pope
Britfilms linkGet Got - Matt Taylor
Ghost Hunters - Andrew Lindley,Georgia Messham,Thomas Oliver, Katherine Brice
Gift - Iain Gray
Girls Will Be Girls - Ronak Ved
Go - Dave Smith
Going to Where The Tea Trees Are - Joris Clerté - Philippe Massonet
Britfilms linkGold - Rachel Davies
Gravity - Romek Delimatra
Guy Noo Bhajan - The Song of The Holy Cow - Dena Smiles
Gyppo - Chloe Thomas
Handcuffed - Deborah Groves
Britfilms linkHangover - Adam Krajczynski
Hard - Job, Joris and Marieke
Healthy Eating - Nicole Xavier / Francesca Scavetta / Gary Dalton
Her Lovely Fears - Ben Wheele
Hong Kong-Liverpool-Penzance - Ray Wong
Hoodies - Natasha Ions / Leon Fraser / Reannan Rossiter
Hopes and Dreams - Inferno & Slyman
Britfilms linkHow It Was That We Got To Be Angels - Gareth Howell
How Snjezhi Tjelovek found his Ancestors - Joris Oprins
How to pick up girls - Dan Gitsham
I Surrender Myself - Simon Ellis
I Was A Strip Club Virgin - Rachel Max
I'm - MC Tuska
Ice - Simon Ralph
Imaginary Olympics - Q Arts and Martin Sommerville
Britfilms linkIn Absentia - James Kibbey and Richard Heald
In The Dark - Tristan Goligher
Incoming - Double Drop, Dave Woodhead
Inside Broadcast - Leo Bridle
Insides - Dan Gitsham
Interference Mirrors - Barry Hale
Jock and John are Neighbours - Shane Meadows
Junk - David Woodhead
Just Add Alcohol - Brian Kaufman
Keeping Kids safe - Hyped
Kerfuffle - Alasdair Brotherston
King of the Gypsies - Shane Meadows
Knight - John Scarratt
Britfilms linkKnitting a Love Song - Annie Watson
Kontech - Max Crow and Aaron Bradbury
Krapooyo - Yanncik Puig
Launch Day - 64k
Life's a Bed - Nikki McKay
Britfilms linkLife's a blast - Shaun Mechen
Lightheaded - Iain Finlay
Lisa and Jean - Miles Chalcraft
Liveaboard - Sasha Andrews and Jonathan Cecil
Living in City Sneinton - Living in City Sneinton
Loadready run rap - 64k
Loetzinn - Chris Gooch and Aaron Bradbury
Britfilms linkLook At Me - Lucas Roche
Look Dont Leap - Claire Durbin, Charlotte Disher, Lucy Haines, Laura OConner
Looking For Batman - Chris Rogers
Loose Ends - Job, Joris and Marieke
Lost - Elizabeth Tower
Love - Matthew Noel Todd
Love At First Sight - Bronte Benson / India Cashin / Gemma Morby / Isabelle Perez
Love Lesson - Clive Tonge
Love Struck - Ilkeston School
Love Takes - Jeanie Finlay
Britfilms linkLow Budget Filmmaking - Trailer - Mark Devenport
Luka - Tamara Anghie
Mad Dog Mongrel - Y.A.S.Y
Magic Wand - Chris Clarke
Mannequin Hand Trapdoor I Reminder - Simon Wallet
Britfilms linkMap of the Scars - Chris Cooke
Mascara - Selina Steward
Mein Stampf or the dance show of the last century - Martine Grande
Britfilms linkMervyn - Katie Milner
Mid Winter Murders - People's College Media Students
Midsummer Dream - Michele Castagnetti
Britfilms linkMilk - Kevin Brett
Millenium - Grew & Gang
Mirror And Water - Bijan Zamanpira
Britfilms linkMissed Call - Mike Dawson
Missing: Lost Boy - Mark Drake
Britfilms linkMixed Frequencies - Joris Oprins
Mixup in a Box - Mixup
Moi - Job, Joris and Marieke
Moon Cat - Mike Futcher
More Fish in the Sea - Annabel Clarke
Mother In Mind - Elliott Bellwood
Mouse Trap - Ray Wong
Music My Language - Atif Javaid, Alastair McElhoney, Edward Walsh, Jack Brown, Hugo Horvath, Blaise Hure
My Friend Seweto - Jann Turner
Nativity - One Shot Wonders
Nervousness - Miho Matsuda
No Ball Games - Shaun Mechen
No-One Fed Me So I Stayed - Adam Strandt
Britfilms linkNose Hair - James Sharpe
Not From Round Here - Ben Hocken
Not In My Name - Iman and Tove Delanius
Forest - Greenwood Dale School
City of Change - Michael Kerry, James Shipley, Emma Seymour
Britfilms linkNowhere Man - Owen Davies
Object React - Selina Steward
Britfilms linkOff the beaten track - Leo Bridle
Officeide - Paul T, Eyres
Official Fam - Hyson Green's Boys Club - Take One Studios
On The Run - Shaun Mechen
On the Rocks - The Turrell Brothers
One Drop of Poison - Susan Holloway and Jonathan Nesmith
One Small Step - O'Niel Sharma / Barry Squires
One of them mornings - Martha Highton
Onward - Paul Edmonson - Howdy Boys
Orange White Blue - Carol Crowe
Our Mate Jan - Ray Wong
Britfilms linkPANIC - I Don't Believe In The Loch Ness Monster - Max Crow
Pachinima - 64k
Paddy - Cashel Horgan
Pagans Paradise - Mike Kraus
Paper trail - The Turrell Brothers
ParKour - The Art of Movement - Elliot Bridgewater, Matthew Choules, Rebecca Crossdale, Jamie Humphrey
Park 2 Park All Stars - Juliette Winter
Park Love - Bruce Webb and Quin Williams
Pear Tree Terror - Q Arts and Pupil Referral Unit and Behaviour Support Service
Britfilms linkPersonal Demons - Young people from Newman School
Britfilms linkPieces - Luke Dennis
Britfilms linkPillow's Story - Miho Matsuda
Pinguins - Simon Ralph and Lee Parker
Pipped to the Post - Wellington Films
Pixacillus - Gav Irons
Platform 13 - Mansfield Media Students
Plaza - Martyn Pick
Britfilms linkPorn of the Dead - Mark Winthrope
Pout - Selina Steward
Powered By - Elliott Stallion
Prison? Is it working? - Hyped
Private Gallery - Lewis Mutongwizo
Pump Action - Phil McNally
Push Hands - Stephanie Green
Pylon King - Ed Holdsworth
Pyrats - Yves Bigerel , Bruno Dequier, Ben Fiquet, Nicolas Gueroux, Julien Le Rolland
Britfilms linkQNH - Nick Kirk
R.I.P. - Steve Moreau
Rare Books and Manuscripts - Bruce Webb
Britfilms linkReIntro: Music - Vincent Chang
Reality Cheque - Donna Bowyer
Rebecca - Nick Whitfield
Recycle - George Roe
Reduce, Reuse And Recycle - King Edward VII School and The Grove Primary School
Revenge - Bolu Akindoyin
Revenge of the Red Balloon - Greg Rossen
Ribble - Fleur Fenner
Richard Thorpe's "The Human Teen" - Ronak Ved
Britfilms linkRoboclaus - Joel Henderson
Robot - Hans Coke
Rocket Boy Roger - James Robinson
Romance and Other Short Stories - David Sinclair
Rondo - Mike Browett
Round - Steve May
Round The Block - Joel Henderson
Britfilms linkRoyalty - Paul Williams
Ryan's Diary Sam's Letters - Jes Hill
SSD UK Tour - Ronak Ved
Safe - APT
Safer - Rachel Tillotson
Sail to The Moon (Clear The Cobwebs Out The Sky) - Adam Smith
Scarborough Fair - Frank Abbott
Schoolboy - Tim Smith
Scooter Mum - Craig Young
Sheepish - Adam Oliver
Short Sharp Shock - Dee Kalikoti
Signum - Double Drop
Simon Says - Harvey Sharman Dunn
Sisko At The Disco - Jon Randle / Alex Elkins
Sisters - Lucy Baldwyn
Six Shooter - Martin McDonagh
Six and Out - Sarmad Masud
Britfilms linkSkeletons - Nick Whitfield
Skin Deep - Yousaf Ali Khan
Skitchy - 'Tiny Little Freaks' - James Martin
Skitchy - Lethargy My Friend Music Video - James Hore Martin
Smug wants prize - Simon Ralph and Lee Parker
Snapshot - Luke Blair
Sneinton - A Celebration of Cultures - Greenwood Dale School
Snowballs - Newton's Walk Pupil Referral Unit in Derby - Q-Arts
So Much Better - Media Box
Soft - Simon Ellis
Britfilms linkSome String - Mark Devenport
Songs of Innocence - Stephen Hill
Space - Robert
Space Hazards - Max Crow
Speaking My Mind - Juga-Naut and 1st Class with young people from Forest Fields Youth Club
Speed Date - Jon Randle - Alex Elkins
Squirrels Ate My Hammock - Young people from Hessle High School
Steetlife - Paul Frazer
Still Life - Kieron Clark
Stop The Violence - Against gun crime featuring Ms Dynamite
Strange Attractor - Strange Attractor
Street Choice - Radford Unity Project and Urban Youth Team
Stupid Kid - David Stewart
Sudden Detour - Donna Bowyer
Sumo Dance in the Toilet - Miho Matsuda
Britfilms linkSupaheroes - Dena Smiles
Super Football Man -
Swinny - Wait and See - Michael Holyk
Symbiont - Miles Chalcraft - Andrew Adkins
Tales of the Unexplainable - Simon Ralph and Lee Parker
Tea and Some Thoughts - Matthew Tregoning
Television - Marc-Olivier Picron
Telling Lies - Simon Ellis
Ten thousand pictures of you - Robin King
Tennis - Claire Mills
Terror - Matt Godfrey
Terzetto - Amanda Smith and John Ross
The Baptism - Chris Burns
The Birthday Wish - Stephen Gray / David Lilley
The Bleeding Jaws of Burning Hell - Vision and the Void - Michael Lomon
Britfilms linkThe Brick - Max Crow
Britfilms linkThe Butterfly and Me - Amir Bazrafshan
The Cat With Hands - Robert Morgan
The Cellar Dwellar - Lucas Roche and Gary Rogers
The Cloud Factory - Caroline Parkinson
The Copier - Christian Tafdrup
The Critic - Michael Crook
The End - Ming Li
The Entomologist - Darren Etienne
The Falls of Clyde - Patrick Anderson
The Fiver Thing - Simon Ellis
The Fool - Aaron Bradbury
The Girl From Behind My Mirror - Aleksander Nikolic
The Grab - Kelly Holmes - Joe Barcham
The Great Hat Heist - Lewi Firth Bolton
The Heart of William Crane - Chris Burns
The House - Mari King
The Insect Cup Final - Steve Friendship
Britfilms linkThe Joe Show - Gary Keller
The Lasso - Elena Self - Agnes French - John Draper
The Lift - Edwin Colton
Britfilms linkThe Love Train - Eva Bennett
Britfilms linkThe Magician - Vera Juliusdottir
The Making of Gladiator - Duncan Beedie
The Man in the Lower-Left Hand Corner of the Photograph - Robert Morgan
Britfilms linkThe Meeting - Lucas Roche
Britfilms linkThe Night We Killed a Fox - Sarmad Masud
The Opening - Owen Tooth
The Painter - Allen Mechen
The Paper Ball - Joe Sentance - Emily Hallam
The Performance - Adiel Khan
The Photo Cyclist - 15 Young People
Britfilms linkThe Prince and The Pee - David Lilley
Britfilms linkThe Report - David Smith
The Shell Collector - Rhiannon Mollart
The Stalking - Andrew Johnson
The Suitcase of Inspiration - Peter Finch
The Supply Chain - Youth Inclusion Programme - Positive Futures
The Telephone Conversation - Christopher Udenze
The Thing That Made Them Famous - Steve Friendship
Britfilms linkThe Tourist Trap - Max Crow
The Train - Chloe Wasserman and Kerryn Wise
The Turning - Tove N Dalenius
The Two Doggies - Holly Marriott / Kirstie Toth
The Vet - Simon Ralph
The Visitor - Dave Smith
The Whisperers -
The Witch and The Cat - Holly Marriott
This is SnEinTz Ville - Greenwood Dale School
This is your life - The 60's - Lee Whittingham / Tom Marvez / Sam Bryan
Britfilms linkThose Letters That Should Be Received - Siya
Three Mans and Nine Ladies - Kamal Jorry
Britfilms linkThrough the Headlines - Donna Bowyer
Britfilms linkTime Wasters - Tim Cunningham
Britfilms linkTin Ear, Cold Heart, Closed Mind - Andy Hazard
To Have and To Hold - John Hardwick
To his knees he fell - Andrew Brand
Tohryanse - Miho Matsuda
Britfilms linkTonight - Mehul Desai
Too Much Is Never Enough - Jamie Freeth
Tournaphone - Tournaphone
Britfilms linkTrailer - The Turrell Brothers
Britfilms linkTramspotting - Matt Barker
Britfilms linkTrinity Anthem - Trinity
Trollidian - Jay Thomas
Trrrrrrr - Job, Joris and Marieke
Try Fighting - Bruce Web Crew
Britfilms linkTurn On Tune In - 107.9 FM - Lyndsay Grant Muller
Twinkell - Gemma Barnes
Two Thirds Water - y.p. of West Penwith
Two Wheels Too Far - Kate Harvest and Jai Abbot
Twokking - Young people of St. Helens
Ugly Feelings - Fula Kanslor
Una - The Turrell brothers
Under Sea Adventures - Q-Arts
Undersea Adventures - Q-Arts
Unexpected Visitors - Steve friendship
Unstrung - Mike Kruft
Britfilms linkUsed - Mehul Desai
Vacant - Engaged - Mari King and Lisa Bamford
Valentine - Steve Shiel
Britfilms linkVeggie Girl - Miho Matsuda
Video - Alison Ballard
Violence - Hyped
Violence Breeds - Tristan Olfield
Wad - Job, Joris and Marieke
Watching the Clock - Steve Stickley
Waterslide - Mark Doyle
We Pass By Each Other As If... - Osman Mohammadi
We're not Bulgarians - John Ross
We've lived here all our lives - Vikaas Mistry
Wee Gee - Media Box
Westward Spirit - Simon Ralph and Lee Parker
Britfilms linkWhat is Given - Al Clark
What is Life - Shhin Afnan
What the ... - Simon Ellis
When Good Things Happen - Ellie Wake
Where's Rufus - Ryan Spencer
Where's The Money Ronnie - Shane Meadows
Wide Awake - Simon Reynolds
Britfilms linkWig Sisters - Katy Milner
Windmill Woman - Mai Pollit and Sharon Freida
Witches Brew - Sarah Holmes
Woulda Coulda Shoulda - Jess Hill
Wyy - 64k
Britfilms linkXylo-View - Tom Kirk
You - Dwaine & Courtney Hayden
You And I - Graham Coxon - Owen Hudson, Jordan Summers, Rhona Macdonald
You're On Your Own - Lincoln "Share The Care" Young Carers' Project
Youth Club - Christian Forder and John Robson
Zoo - Mike Kraus
a blue funk - Wayne Lancaster and Lee Hutchinson
alone - Joe Bailey
b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b'b' - Dan Tombs - Luke Abbott
but i have to - Ming Li
head2head - APT
Britfilms linki hate to love you - Amir Bazrafshan
in the pink blues - Nikki McKay
last wish - Abhu Arumbakkam
short - Waris Islam
stranger than life - 4 films
thousand miles apart - Owen Baxter - Andy Love
Britfilms linkwipeout - Mark Devenport
supporters and sponsors Britfilms Broadway Cinema