Bang! Short Film Festival at the Broadway,  UK

We hope you enjoyed our October festival.

The terror of Mayhem will stay with us forever.

We hope you enjoyed our March festival as much as we did.

bang! recently provided a regionally themed programme for the re-opening of s Old Market Square in Feb., read and hear about it at the B.B.C. Website

We're providing production assistance to The Friends of Northern Uganda for The Running Water charity.

We enjoyed our Game City screening

Writeup for the August bang!.

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Barry Hale
Ben Herriot
Ben Hocken
Ben Steele, Lance Steele, Lionel Kazadi
Ben Wheele
Bijan Zamanpira
Blake Goddard
Bolu Akindoyin
Borivoj Horinek
Brian Kaufman
Brian Percival
Bronte Benson / India Cashin / Gemma Morby / Isabelle Perez
Bruce Web Crew
Bruce Webb
Bruce Webb and Quin Williams
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