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We hope you enjoyed our October festival.

The terror of Mayhem will stay with us forever.

We hope you enjoyed our March festival as much as we did.

bang! recently provided a regionally themed programme for the re-opening of s Old Market Square in Feb., read and hear about it at the B.B.C. Website

We're providing production assistance to The Friends of Northern Uganda for The Running Water charity.

We enjoyed our Game City screening

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Main Screening
June 2001

Guillaume Breaud - Annie's Trip (Acide Anime)

Annie's Trip (Acide Anime)

Guillaume Breaud

A darkly amusing drama, retelling The Wizard of Oz - on acid. from France

Hyped - Black women in Media

Black women in Media


Hyped (Leics)

Hyped - Challenge Homophobia

Challenge Homophobia


Hyped (Leics)

Derby young peoples project - Dead - for a bit

Dead - for a bit

Derby young peoples project

A youthfully exuberant comedy with Heavenly twists

Romek Delimatra - Gravity


Romek Delimatra

What goes up, must come down, in this beautiful and disturbing animation from Dublin

Ray Wong - Hong Kong-Liverpool-Penzance

Hong Kong-Liverpool-Penzance

Ray Wong

A moving documentary tribute to the author's parents

Hyped - Keeping Kids safe

Keeping Kids safe


Five 30 second adverts made by young people from Leicester

Cashel Horgan - Paddy


Cashel Horgan

Poignantly humorous animated social commentary from Dublin

Mike Kraus - Pagans Paradise

Pagans Paradise

Mike Kraus

A nightmarish dream turns strange - again from Oxford

Hyped - Prison? Is it working?

Prison? Is it working?


Hyped (Leics)

Greg Rossen - Revenge of the Red Balloon

Revenge of the Red Balloon

Greg Rossen

Highly amusing, unofficial sequel to the classic French short about a boy's love of his red balloon from the USA

Marc-Olivier Picron - Television


Marc-Olivier Picron

The drug of the nation! Feeding ignorance and something radiation. from the USA

Christian Tafdrup - The Copier

The Copier

Christian Tafdrup

Intertextual expedition into the psyche of a would-be filmmaker. Post-rock! from Denmark

Allen Mechen - The Painter

The Painter

Allen Mechen

A comic look at the whole "home make-over" phenomena from Notts

Hyped - Violence



Hyped (Leics)

Mark Doyle - Waterslide


Mark Doyle

No explanation needed, just sit back and watch the action from Notts

John Ross - We're not Bulgarians

We're not Bulgarians

John Ross

Double take comedy drama where love wins the day from Notts

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