Bang! Short Film Festival at the Broadway,  UK

We hope you enjoyed our October festival.

The terror of Mayhem will stay with us forever.

We hope you enjoyed our March festival as much as we did.

bang! recently provided a regionally themed programme for the re-opening of s Old Market Square in Feb., read and hear about it at the B.B.C. Website

We're providing production assistance to The Friends of Northern Uganda for The Running Water charity.

We enjoyed our Game City screening

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Main Screening
30 August 2000

Max Crow - 3inch Porn Stars

3inch Porn Stars

Max Crow

Animated music video following the adventures of the not-so-porn stars

Andy Davies - A short film about Jenga

A short film about Jenga

Andy Davies

Massively over-dramatised version of the popular game

Annie Watson - Being Fifteen

Being Fifteen

Annie Watson

Documentary following a group of 15 year old girls and their lives

Jamie Ruddy - Bored to Pieces

Bored to Pieces

Jamie Ruddy

Creepy kids horror from across the pond

Mark Doyle - Escape?


Mark Doyle

Living on the edge, and filming from nearby ...

Carlo Stavalone - Fields


Carlo Stavalone

Reflective journey through a town with a football for company

Miles Christensen - Focal Point

Focal Point

Miles Christensen

Skaterboarders gather to show off

Iain Gray - Gift


Iain Gray

A man wakes up with an extra item in his caravan, and gets an idea ...

David Woodhead - Junk


David Woodhead

High speed music video in black and white

Rachel Tillotson - Safer


Rachel Tillotson

Cautionary tale where boy stands up to enstranged father

Lucas Roche and Gary Rogers - The Cellar Dwellar

The Cellar Dwellar

Lucas Roche and Gary Rogers

Enter the fascinating world of the cellar dweller as he shows us round his pad

Simon Ellis - The Fiver Thing

The Fiver Thing

Simon Ellis

Romping buddy flick about debt, buses and a green satellite dish

Vikaas Mistry - We've lived here all our lives

We've lived here all our lives

Vikaas Mistry

Animation charting the trials of second generation immigrants in England

Wayne Lancaster and Lee Hutchinson - a blue funk

a blue funk

Wayne Lancaster and Lee Hutchinson

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